For almost 40 years one of Milton’s favourite places has been the Tim Hortons at the corner of Highway 25 and Derry. It is especially important to the community as a gathering place. Many meet there regularly for Timmy’s coffee and goodies.

The tradition will continue once the friendly restaurant, managed by Carlanna and Diego Sdao, relocates to a fresh spot. “We know that for the majority of Miltonians“ Carlanna says, “closing the first Tims in Milton will take them back to memories of their youth. It’ll bring back experiences they shared while sitting in a booth at the old Tims at the corner of Derry and Ontario. But along with growth comes change and we are so excited to share the news that our brand new Tims will open in the fall at the corner of Derry and Santa Maria.

“The very first Tim Hortons built in Milton is still located at 575 Ontario St. at the corner of Derry and Ontario. It was built almost 40 years ago. Miltonians would gather there as they do today. Back then it was the only gathering place in Milton at the time. There wasn’t another establishment like it. Milton’s population was close to 30,000.

“Tim Hortons has always had a longstanding tradition of making a true difference in the communities they serve.” Carlanna says, “It was this, along with its great business sense that attracted us to this great Canadian Icon. We also knew from experience that we wanted to run our own business and be hands on, so it was a perfect fit for us.

“Prior to our career as Franchisees,” recalls Carlanna “Diego graduated as a chef from George Brown College. He worked in some of the top restaurants in Toronto. One of his goals was to open a restaurant and share his love and knowledge of food and cooking. He ran a restaurant in Mirvish Village and taught Culinary Arts at Humber College.”

Carlanna was a Toronto high school teacher and very involved in the community. In 1989 Carlanna and Diego with their young family moved to “the beautiful town of Milton….

Our Tim’s is one of the original restaurants and has been at its present location (Derry and Ontario)….and has meant so much to our community for more than 37 years. This… became a place to enjoy a coffee while meeting with your friends. As a teenager, it was a great place to begin your working career, as a stay at home parent, a great place to work part time. ….our children Daniel and Deana worked part time as well as during their summer vacations. Daniel joined the Tim Hortons Family as a Franchisee in Milton 2013.

“During the course of our 30 year career with Tims, we have hired hundreds of young Miltonians who now come in with their young families to enjoy a coffee and a timbit.” Carlanna and Diego own 4 Tim Hortons Locations. Derry and Ontario was the original Tims, followed by the Circle K Drive-through at the opposite corner. Next came Derry and Bronte and then Louis St. Laurent and Thompson. When the Derry and Ontario restaurant closes they will open the new one in the fall.

They have many special memories of Tim Hortons from having owned their business for 30 years and from being so involved in the community. “Our team” Carlanna says, “consists of staff who joined us right from the beginning of our venture. Liz has been part of our Team for 29 years. She works at the Derry and Ontario restaurant and will join us at our new location. Marta, Carrie, Merlene, Bev, Olive, Faiza, Farhana and many others joined us around 10-15 years ago. I know it might sound cliche, but we have become part of a large family.

Tim Hortons has a longstanding tradition of making a true difference in the community. Carlanna and Diego have always lived by this motto. “We sit on several boards and have donated time, money or products to hundreds of not-for-profit local organizations during the years. We have always been strong supporters of the MDHospital through our Smile Cookie Program. Both Diego, Daniel and myself are Ambassadors for the Tim Horton Childrens Foundation. We are extremely proud to have sent over 150 local Miltonian children to one of our 7 Tims Camps located throughout Canada and the US. Here they learn leadership skills helping them grow as individuals. We also provide each graduate from our leadership program a bursary to continue their education.

“We are proud business owners who love working in the community of Milton with our guests and staff members, and we are looking forward to having the community experience our new location at Santa Maria and Derry (which opens in the fall). But most importantly, we are extremely proud and grateful to be able to call Milton home.”


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