In 2019, at about the same time that a volcano in New Zealand erupted, Rick Imus flew there. He stayed there for a while. On the big screen, he played the national anthems of Korea and New Zealand on his guitar for their national football matches (he also played O Canada). While in New Zealand he became aware of the similarities between the historic struggles of the indigenous people of that country and of Canada. Rick discovered that the Maori language was banned in New Zealand not very long ago. Now the Maori culture is respected in that country.

“If we stay alert,” Rick said, “we’ll find so many opportunities for connections with our indigenous people, especially in music.”

The students of the Rick Imus Studio are taught the intricacies of guitar playing; piano; drumming and vocal music. Occasionally students study several of these disciplines.

Over the years, students have excelled through shared performances and mastering skills which lead to examinations at levels that enable their acceptance to Music programmes in Colleges and University, such as: York; Mohawk; Centennial; and Fanshawe College.

In 2021, the Milton Youth Task Force presented the award of Milton Youth Artist of the Year to Aarav Raj. He studies music at the Rick Imus Studio. He excels in guitar playing and possibly will take vocal music there as well in the Fall.

In the past, Rick and several of his students along with their parents have been invited to participate in numerous prestigious events in the United States. “We’ve been on a holding path for the last year!” Rick said, “Now we need to do Canada. There is so much to explore! We generally have 3 show bands to go

” The Rick Imus Music Studio received several awards in 2020 and 2021.

One was the Readers’ Choice Platinum and Gold award for Music Instruction, Music Store and Music Instructor 2020. Another was a Platinum award for Tutors given by Community Votes MILTON 2021.

They also recently received an award from the Toronto Star for best Online Music Instruction throughout the region. The Milton community knows Rick and his groups that appear year round at most town events that involve music. One special event that they appeared at in the dark, on several cold winter evenings, was ‘Lighting up Allendale’ when Rick and other musicians played music to cheer up the locked down, shut ins at the Allendale Seniors’ residence.

An event coming soon will be a Spring Concert at the Italian Club on Tremaine Road on Saturday June 19th. Rick Imus has already booked the outside patio. The sitting space will be used by each family group of no more than 10. The carpark is within hearing distance and cars there will be rotated regularly. Rick has planned out all the technicalities of social distancing and following provincial guidelines.

He quoted the Premier who said: “Inside is bad and outside is good!”


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