It was a pleasant Thursday morning on February 16th. Mayor Krantz stood on the steps of the Town Hall and made the proclamation that Saturday, February 25th  would be the Coldest Night of the Year Day in Milton.

He was accompanied by Executive Director of the incredible Milton Transitional Housing,

Donna Danielli, Councillor Colin Best and several walkers planning to walk 2K, 5K or 10K for the CNOY. Many of those in the group have faithfully walked or volunteered for the event over the years since the first CNOY in 2011.

The webpage at: states:-

“Much of the CNOY donations which are allocated to the Milton Transitional Housing help families receive a fresh food box twice a month, assistance with school supplies and other school extras for their children, transportation costs to job interviews, and grocery gift cards when necessary.

“We offer safe & local living spaces for our clients to call home during our 2-year program as our top priority, while offering expert help & case support to ensure the overall success of our program. Our team helps our clients stabilize their lives, maintain hope, and move forward with dignity; focusing on short / long-term goals, developing relevant life skills, and building independence.

  • Milton Transitional Housing (MTH) is a community-based, registered Canadian charity that provides bridge accommodation and supportive counselling to people experiencing a housing crisis.
  • MTH currently has 10 housing units and provides housing for up to two years at subsidized rental rates.
  • MTH has a 100% success rate! Since opening our first housing unit February 2012, MTH has successfully “graduated” 27 families from our program into long-term independent housing and ALL of those 33 adults and 24 children have recovered and are rebuilding their lives successfully.
  • While Milton Transitional Housing (MTH) is currently helping 10 adults and 8 children right NOW: single mothers, Canadian veterans, newcomer families, kids who are kicked out of their families at 18, families struggling with life-altering illnesses, and even a few university grads who were sinking under the weight of their student loans.”

The motto of MTH is: From Hope to Home

The walk itself on February 25th was also a great success.

“$80,000 raised for #cnoy23 in support of Milton Transitional Housing – 100% of our fundraising goal. Thank you to our walkers, volunteers, donors, and sponsors. The 10th annual #coldestnightoftheyear walk in Milton was a success and we can’t thank you enough for your generous help and support!” – Milton Transitional Housing

11 year old Milton resident Raheem has done the walk 3 years in a row now but this year was especially difficult as he completed it with a fractured ankle.

“For the 3rd consecutive year, I promised to walk, rain or shine; cold or warm; dark or bright to show my support for the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless.  Those who often have no choice but to live without a roof and sleep in frigid winter conditions.  I didn’t expect to do the walk with a fractured ankle but I did it!” said Raheem on his Mom’s facebook page about the walk.

Donations will continue to be accepted at until the end of March.



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