“The arrival of spring is like an awakening for our souls after months of rkas and toques. As the snow melts, the streams and rivers swell, the flowers and birds reappear and everyone seems happier and lighter.”

Artistic Director of the Milton Choristers, Rachel Cleland describes the Spring Concert: “This feeling of the happiness, lightness and hopefulness of spring is the theme… Our program is quite diverse ranging from madrigals to modern music, simple tunes to harmonically complex. The themes are universal: love ; new love; enduring love; forbidden and unrequited love; friendship; longing for freedom; homeland; and fantasy. I can guarantee people will be tapping their toes and will leave humming some of their favourite tunes!”

Rachel Cleland has led the Choristers 2017-2018 as their new Artistic Director… The Choristers website says: “She (brings) an energetic joyfulness to choral practice every week and a passion for igniting the joy of singing.” She has led several choirs and musical ventures in the area as well as being an accomplished soprano herself.

The spring concert: Spring Awakenings and Secret Longings will be held on May 26th at 7:00 pm at Knox Presbyterian Church on the Main Street in Milton. Rachel explains: “Knox is a perfect venue for us. It …has a stunning acoustical sound for choral singing along with a lovely piano for our collaborative pianist, Susan Edmonds to accompany us. It is intimate yet holds a good sized audience and several of our members attend the church.”

The Choristers are encouraging new singers to join them in the Fall “to help us create the future…” as well as to remember the choir’s amazing history as they celebrate their 50th season on December 1st in the First Ontario Arts Centre of Milton. The Chorister’s founding Artistic Director, Judy Hunter will sing with them at that time.

The Milton Choristers website tells how well-known Miltonian Judy Hunter, “an accomplished local musician, founded the choir in 1968. Originally a women’s choir called the Chansonettes, the choir evolved into the Milton Choristers to include all voice ranges soprano, alto, tenor, bass, with approximately 55 singers. The choir’s repertoire includes both classical and contemporary music and maintains a high performance standard as well as a strong sense of camaraderie.”
Photos by: Suresh Padia


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