Councillor Rick Di Lorenzo has been Milton’s local Councillor for south east Milton for 12 years now. In 2021 he won the Milton Champion Award for Milton’s favourite local politician and his passion for community involvement clearly shows in his activities with resident groups and organizations. He was one of this year’s sponsors for Milton Canada Day, as well as helping the Milton Halal Food Festival take off in their first year.

This election he’s running for Regional Council for ward 3, leaving his local Councillor position open for others. When asked why the change, he says “Regional Council has added responsibilities such as Halton Public Health, Halton Regional Police (related to my focus on community safety). These two areas have always been a focus of mine. Plus Milton’s infrastructure has been lacking support at the regional level, often delayed and pushed back it has fallen behind our growth. I believe Milton deserves better.”

When asked specifically what changes he’d like to bring about in his new term he replied saying, “We need better control over our growth, decisions at the regional level have hurt employment and local jobs while exasperating the push for high-rises in established neighborhoods. We need to get back control. Another new focus I’d like to see is implementing photo radar in residential areas near parks and elementary schools. Many of our roads where children play have become safety hazards due to speeding.”

Rick Di Lorenzo says he encourages residents to do research on each candidate to find out what exactly they’ve been doing for the Town in the past years. “Regional Council isn’t a starting job, it requires prior experience and someone who has stood up for Milton in the past.”

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