The Easter celebration is one of the busiest weekends for the local Milton farm, hundreds, if not thousands, of people from all over the region came with loved ones for some outdoor farm fun.

Bell School Line was packed with cars from Derry road to 14th side road at the top of the hill. The farm was bustling with people from all generations, grandparents to grandkids. With face painting, puppet shows, wagon rides and more, there was plenty for everyone to enjoy under the clear blue skies and warm sun.

“People get excited to get out, especially after such a long winter,” said Laura r Hughes, one of the farm owners. “Not only do families enjoy the outdoors, but so do our staff.”

Many members of the farm team are part-time, ranging from all ages, retirees to high school students, with a core of full timers. Some were dressed up in full body pink bunny costumes, posing with kids for photos or running the egg hunt station. “They’re amazing,” said Hughes, happy to see so many younger people getting involved.

The farm runs daily from 9-5 through until the holiday season, but this is one of the biggest events for the farm. Other than the six-week harvest festival in the fall, Easter is a very lucrative time for the farm, especially after a long winter break. It’s always a family favourite spot.

You can find many baked goods and plenty of home décor items in the gift shop along with some rustic knick-knacks. In the summer, Springridge sells their famous strawberries along with a selection of other berries and veggies.


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