We are in an unprecedented situation where we are faced with a serious health challenge facing our community as well as the world. Health and safety must be our top priority. We need to practice social distancing and as a community work together to do everything we can to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

If for some reason you need to leave your home for food or medical supplies, or if you are an essential worker and need to travel for work – remember to keep a safe social distance between yourself and others. Grocery store, pharmacy, transit and other essential employees are now near the frontline with our healthcare workers. Please follow any posted safety guidelines and do everything you can to maintain a physical distance. They are placing their own health and wellbeing at risk for us.


If your salary isn’t being severely affected by COVID19 please consider buying gift cards from local Milton businesses if they are available to purchase online. Many local small businesses are struggling to know if they will survive and what their future will be.

Stay positive and strong especially for your children and family members. Use social media, phone calls, text messages or videoconferencing to check in with your friends and family or anyone you think might need some support. Think of fun activities or games you can do at home with your children, or online with friends and extended family.

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