July 13 was a sunny warm day, with a light breeze. It was the perfect summer day for the annual picnic Milton (MAM) at the Croatian Club Soccer Park.

The event included food, and, family activities as well as shows for the kids. The association began with a group of Muslim families meeting in basements for fellowship, and grew from there. “Miltonians are invited here, and on top of that, the proceeds from it go to the Milton District Hospital Foundation,” Mumtaz Warsi explained. Warsi, and Mehmood Khan are part of the team of organizers. MAM presents an annual cheque for $5,000 to MDHF, “That makes it a very unique event,” Warsi

The food was the star of the show. “We bring the food from our culture, plus we bring the food from Canadian food as well.” Mehmood Khan said. Food included burgers, hotdogs, as well Pakistani cuisine which included “Bun kebabs,” chicken cooked using traditional methods. “One thing in common in every community is the food,” Khan added.

Saadia Raja was there with her friend Rozia Hussain for an outing with their families. She feels these events are especially important for people who are more introverted. “These events give us a chance; oh something is happening in the community, let’s get out there,” Raja said. Rozia Hussain met up with neighbours from seven years ago. “This gives us the chance to get together on a broad scale, vs. having a couple of families over,” Raja added. The idea of giving back is important for Raja. Two of her kids volunteered at the picnic, and her husband was involved as well.

The idea of giving back to MDHF appealed to Hussain. “That really inspired me. The smaller community wanting to help the bigger community,” Hussain said. MAM has donated approximately $46,000 over the last 11 years to the Milton District Hospital Foundation (MDHF). MDHF is responsible for the cost of medical equipment in the hospital.

MAM continues its work on a mosque, which is scheduled to be completed sometime within the next year. BBQ organizers are expecting the 2020 BBQ to be held on the grounds of the completed mosque. For more information on MAM visit their website: www.miltonmasjid.com . For more information on the Milton District Hospital Foundation visit: www.mdhf.ca


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