HMC Connections held their New Year Around the World event at the Milton Mall on March 7th.   The event showcased the different New Year’s celebration experiences around the world.   There were booths showcasing Canada, Iran, Pakistan, India, the Philippines, China, Korea, Afghanistan, Yemen, Lithunia, Romania as well as traditions from Latin America and the Middle East.   Every year, HMC organizes a new year event highlighting culture, traditions, customs and culinary experiences from around the world.  

Kim Jenkinson, Executive Director at HMC, was on hand during the event welcoming people.  “HMC Connections helps newcomers settle and integrate into a community that is welcoming and inclusive.  Multiculturalism is a central theme to Canadian values and with Milton growing at rapid pace and attracting many newcomer families we need cultural events like New Year’s Around the World to give us a chance celebrate our diversity, share our cultures and to get to know our neighbours.” said Kim Jenkinson.

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