Miltonian Pranysqa Mishra has had a flair for music from an early age and loves to sing. After she watched the Disney movie Moana, she learned one whole song and her parents were surprised as she wasn’t yet 3 years old.  The lyrics of the song: ’How far I’ll go’ are significant because they tell of the hopes and dreams of Moana who wonders: ‘Every turn I take, every trail I track, every path I make, every road leads back to the place I know  (and….) there’s just no telling how far I’ll go!..’

Pranysqa was born in New Jersey. The family moved to Canada in 2015 and to Milton in 2018.  Now Pranysqa is 6 years old and attends Grade1 at Bruce Trail Public School, Milton. She has taken piano lessons from the Milton School of Music from the age of 4 and now continues to learn on line. Winning contests and accolades through the USA and Canada for her musical ability, she is confident, bright and charming. One of her favourite idols is Whitney Houston.

Pranysqa has been selected for Broadway Musicals and Theatres with production houses in the US. She is learning from the Music Directors for these projects and her Dad also helps her with her singing.

Pranysqa has won numerous competitions in Canada and USA

– At age 5 she won the O Canada contest in the city of Surrey, BC Canada.

– At 6 she won the Paris Fair Rise 2 Fame Virtual Contest, Ontario, Canada.

– At 6 years she won the Port Elgin Pumpkinfest Talent contest in Ontario.

– At 6 years she was a semifinalist of the Tailgate Talent show, Ontario where she composed her own music and song. This was premiered on a local TV channel.

Her performance of the US National Anthem for NCAA Men and Women Basketball, in St Bonnies New York was awe inspiring!  (To view videos of her singing, there are numerous links online which can be easily accessed on Google)

Pranysqa  has a great vocal range and a mellow richness to her soaring sound which is surprising for such a young person.   Pranysqa’s rendition of O Canada on the Morning Show on March 21 2021 will, as they said, “Blow you away!”

 “She wants to be a singer.” her mother Priyanka said, “I and my husband will support her in every possible way to fulfill her dreams.”

 “If the wind in my sail stays behind me,” sings Moana.“One day I’ll know how far I’ll go!”

Pranysqa said “I want to share my singing with the world!”

We watch her proudly and know that she is destined for great things!


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