Written by Kiran Khan

“Each character has a story, a story about looking for happiness, about really stopping to look at yourself, the world around you, and the opportunity for love,” said Ryk Simpson, the director, when asked about the upcoming play Gibson and Sons.

Gibson and Sons, hosted by The Milton Players Theatre Group, a not-for-profit theatre company, showcases the story of a family run funeral home struggling to stay in business after the death of a beloved, not to forget the Russian mail order brides, a vicious squirrel and much more.

“It’s a hilarious, touching comedy about family, love and making all kinds of relationships work,” said Ryk.

The theatre group is comprised of members who have been dedicated to putting on productions in Milton for close to 38 years. Others are encouraged the take part, get involved.

“We are a company putting on great shows; however, we are also a group of people who simply love theatre and the arts,” said Ryk.

The play is returning for its second time, with a different version, after being presented late last year in Oakville which had left the audience asking for more.

“We have an amazing cast,” said Ryk. “All with strong acting and comedy backgrounds. All I expect from the show is for the audience to laugh, potentially cry, and tell their friends to come and see it.”

The play has recently won the Stage West Pechet Family Comedy Award. The cast includes names such as: Michael Anania, Scott Sykes, Mark Davies, Arleigh Curran, Esther Chung, Gillian Taggart, and the playwright, Kristen Da Silva herself.

The play will take place at the Milton Centre of Arts from May 5th to May 13th. Tickets can be bought by visiting the website of the Milton Centre of Arts. For more information on how to get involved, contact membership@miltonplayers.com.


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