Just like the Santa Claus Parade is a signal that the Christmas season is officially upon us, so too is Celebrate the Season, the FASM members art show, displayed in the Holcim Gallery until December 28th at the First Ontario Arts Centre Milton.
Artists, art-lovers, prospective gift givers and interested visitors were welcomed to this year’s show reception on Thursday, November 21st as FASM artists showed their recent creations. This year’s show features 40 artists exhibiting their paintings, photographs, mosaic pieces, paper sculpture and free-standing objets d’art to delight and amaze.

This year, Celebrate the Season shares the Holcim Gallery with an intriguing installation, a collaboration between the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) Milton District and the Fine Arts Society of Milton (FASM) paying homage to 100 women who have made a significant contribution to the life and times of Milton over the last 100 years. FASM shows are dedicated to featuring the work of emerging, mid-career and career artists and showcasing the development of each artist’s creative journey.

Lois Freese is a long-time FASM member who has been painting for 20 years. “I started as a folk art painter and have been developing from there. FASM inspires me. I am a bookkeeper by trade so painting is a release.”
Lois enjoys painting on large canvases and her favorite subjects are birch trees. “I seem to include them in everything where possible. I find freedom in painting large; there are no mistakes.” Allycia Uccello is a career artist who considers painting a wonderful way to express ideas and convey insights, sometimes in a flash. Her new series of black oil paintings embodies a construct of movement, sound signatures, energy fields and the magic of reflected light, appearing to raise forms off the surface. “Using a very large brush I pull black oil paint across a wood panel, usually doing as many as 30 to 50 versions before I’m satisfied with a final result.”

All the art on display is available for purchase unless indicated otherwise. Ursula McDermid encourages people to think of a work of art as the perfect gift . “First, the artist receives praise and affirmation for their creation. Secondly, the giver feels so strongly about giving the art to someone they love and thirdly, the fortunate recipient is appreciative of receiving such a unique gift. It’s a very satisfying experience!”

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