Milton’s Ahmadiyya Muslims have a pathway to peace. Th ey unveiled it at a Dinner for Muslims event January 23, 2019 at Paramount Fine Foods. “We’re reaching out to the community and giving them an opportunity to learn about Islam. What better way to do that than enjoying a delicious meal together,” Advocacy Director Maqbool Sheikh said.

Th e event was organized to help break down barriers and build understanding. “We get together, we get to know each othe8ifr, what backgrounds we have, what faiths we have.” Missionary Asfand Suleman Ahmad said. Attendees were seated at long tables, dining family style.

It began with a presentation of nine fundamentals of peace. Th ese included ideas on justice, nuclear disarmament, and rejecting extremism. “Th at is to help each other, and not hurt anybody in anyway,” Suleman said. What stood out for me, was how universal the fundamentals were. Th e idea that we should learn to be kinder to each other, and work together to build a more compassionate world is common sense.

Following a buff et dinner, people were invited to ask questions Islam. Melissa Tom is a teacher from P.L. Robertson Public School. She attended with a parent from the school. She saluted the spirit of unity. “It’s the kind of event that brings people together and see how we can move forward and make the world a better place,” she said. Th e event piqued her curiosity and she came away with ideas of where to look to fi nd out more. “I didn’t know there were that many people who were thinking along the same terms that they want to move forward together even if you have a diff erent culture or religion,” she said.

For more information on the Pathway to Peace visit: For more information on the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama ’At visit their website: www.


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