In a formal letter inviting her to the Opening Night Gala at the Holcim Gallery on Wednesday, November 27th, the much loved and esteemed Jessie Brown was told that she is one of the hundred noteworthy women that the CFUW (Canadian Federation of University Women) has chosen for special recognition. The letter states that: ‘By delving into a century of accomplishments by the strong women from within our community, we have been awed and humbled.
Our hope is that, by experiencing this installation, it will inspire and educate all.’ Jessie’s photo hangs in the Holcim gallery with 99 other women who have played an important role in our community. Jessie’s accolade states: ‘Recipient of the highly esteemed Western University’s National Scholarship Programme: Faculty of Science Entrance Scholarship. Graduate of Bishop Reding High school, 2018.’ Those who know Jessie, could add so much more to the tribute.
To celebrate their 100th Anniversary, the Milton and District CFUW in partnership with the Fine Arts Society of Milton (FASM) wanted to honour women who have given their time and talent to make this a better society in which to live and raise a family.

In a Press Release, Barbara Shein and Susan Snooks, Co-Chairs of CFUW Milton & District’s 100th Anniversary Committee told how ‘together (with FASM) we are creating a sculpture installation marking the accomplishments of 100 women in our community over the past 100 years. There (are) five 8’ x 2’ x 2’ pillars representing The Arts, Community, Rural, Education and the Professions. Using layered cardboard, the Artists (have designed) a unique look for each woman that…include her image and a brief description of her most notable contribution.’
Barb Shein said that the chosen women are not all university graduates but are local women who wanted to make a difference.
Project coordinator Nancy Cuttle described how over the past 6 months CFUW researchers have worked with the Milton Historical Society to discover “those women who made a difference in the lives of other women and in their community…Together we are creating a sculpture installation of five pillars representing the Arts, Advocacy, Rural, Education and the Professions. Using layers of…cardboard construction, paint and collage techniques, each woman will have an image and up to 3 lines describing her contribution. All the research on these women will be passed over to the Cooke/ Dills Archives for digitization.”
The installation was planned to be set up in the Holcim Gallery in preparation for the FASM Winter Show on November 21st and the Grand Opening Gala on November 27th. Many Volunteers were needed to help paint and create the decorative pillars that would display the pictures of the 100 women and some information about them. The FASM Gallery was reminiscent of Santa’s workshop with artists busily painting, pasting, constructing and completing their sculptures.
FASM artist Cheryl Norton was in every day, busily working and moving from one part of the construction to another. Jockie Loomer-Kruger said “I spent some time this afternoon (on the Monday before the installation) along with others helping with painting of the special project. Together…CFUW and FASM are honouring 100 notable women who over the past 100 years have been pillars of the community. The deadline to complete the project is looming closer every day, so many volunteers are showing up to help.”
FASM artists worked hard to complete the task and their results are well worth a visit. The CFUW 100th Anniversary Pillars stand proudly in the midst of an Art Show by FASM members and will be available to view at the Holcim Gallery until December 29th, 2019.


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