By now you’ve probably heard that Zeeshan Hamid is running for Mayor. Hamid has spent the past 12 years on Council, but I wanted to know more about Zee, beyond politics.

Our conversation starts with a discussion about his love for coffee. Zee tells me he has more than a dozen coffee machines at home. When I ask him where to find the best coffee in Milton, he says, “you’ll often find me at Barn Door Cafe or Chudleigh’s Blossom Cafe, but if you’re looking for beans then Java Nut is your stop.”

On his social media pages Zee has often talked about his support for mental health causes. Earlier this year he rode his motorcycle 3,686km around Lake Superior to raise money to provide mental health supports for those who can’t afford them. “We all need something that helps clear your mind and during the pandemic I discovered that I really love a long ride on my motorcycle,” said Hamid.

Zee and his wife Maleeha have six kids between the ages of 15 and 20. “It’s awesome to see what they’re interested in now,” he says. “We have more than 500 books at home, and recently built a movie theatre for the movie buffs in the family.”

It’s clear that while politics is passion for Hamid, there’s a whole lot more for Milton to learn about him.

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