As the calendar flips to May, the spotlight shines on Mother’s day and Asian & South Asian Heritage Month, a time
to honour and celebrate the richness of our cultures and our identities as mothers.Within this vibrant mosaic
lies the South Asian community, contributing its unique colours and patterns to the cultural landscape. It’s a time for us, the South Asian Mommies of Milton (SAMM) !

Rooted in the immigrant experience, SAMM understands the complexities of forging a new identity in a foreign land. Through shared experiences and mutual support, SAMM offers solace and strength, transforming struggles into shared triumphs

With the celebrations of motherhood and South Asian Heritage Month, SAMM proudly unveils two new initiatives aimed at empowering individuals and our children: SAMM Socials and SAMM Mentors, these diverse workshops will run all the way to December.

SAMM Socials, in collaboration with the Milton Public Library, offer an array of workshops and events designed to uplift individuals from all walks of life. These gatherings, offered free of charge, serve as a testament to SAMM’s commitment to accessibility and inclusion. Our first session is about tracing South Asian Migration History and how to document your own family history for generations. “Through our partnership with SAMM, Milton Public Library will welcome members of the community to explore the rich tapestry of South Asian culture, where every event
becomes a chapter in the story of understanding, connection, and celebration.” Chris Dorscht, Director, Customer Experience.

SAMM Mentors, offer mentorship sessions aimed at guiding teens and parents through various career options. Through these initiatives, SAMM strives to inspire and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue their dreams and aspirations. We thank our SAMM Sister Alpa Patel for the space to conduct this workshop. Our first session focuses on the aerospace industry.

SAMM is also involved in the arts and promoting visual artists, musicians and small businesses in the community. Our events Raag, Katha and Kala are testament to that, where we invite educators and the community to enjoy and understand our culture, while ensuring that our programs are free for all to attend. SAMM brought home the Peoples
Choice award Runner Up title for Milton during Culture Days last year. Last month, SAMM captivated the community with the second Kala: Colours of South Asia art exhibit, a vibrant showcase of the region’s cultural heritage. Collaborating with organizations such as the FirstOntario Arts Centre Milton and Arts Milton.

Post the pandemic, SAMM has doubled its efforts to support children in navigating the challenges of social
interaction. Through innovative programs and initiatives, SAMM seeks to foster friendships and alleviate
the awkwardness that may have arisen during periods of isolation. SAMM’s different playdates & picnics in the
summer helps mothers of specific age groups come together and bond over shared experiences. SAMM’s
potlucks helps them communicate about their struggles and the business directory helps them connect with local businesses. SAMM has been long supporters of MCRC and Milton Good Neighbours Day, we believe in doing seva/ volunteering our time or donating to causes.

SAMM Founder, Diksha Pal Narayan captures the essence of our collective journey: “In SAMM, we find support from the distances separating us from our homelands. In a world where blending cultures is both a challenge and an opportunity, let us be a vital bridge between traditions, nurturing an environment where heritage meets harmony.”

SAMM extends a warm invitation to all members of the community, irrespective of their ethnicity, to make
use of its programs and initiatives. Together, let us honour the spirit of Mother’s Day by embracing the richness of our collective heritage and fostering a future where every individual feels valued and empowered.


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