Earlier this year, 14 year old Miltonian, Preston Mutanga was invited to the opening of ‘Spider-Man: Across the SpiderVerse’ in California. On Twitter under the name: LegoMe_TheOG @FG_Artist, Preston had posted his video where he “recreated the entire ‘SpiderMan: Across the Spider-Verse’ Trailer in LEGO!”
Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the producers of the movie, were fascinated by the video and his talent. They had also directed the LEGO movie in 2014. Because of his ability, Preston was asked to animate a scene in the new Spider-Man movie.
Preston enthusiastically asserts that he animates CGI Lego stuff for fun! “What I like about computer graphics and animation,” he says “is how limitless the possibilities really are. I really like to use this free software called Blender. It’s what I use to create my animations. Although my Dad taught me a little bit on how to use Blender, about 75% of the information I have on Blender just comes from YouTube.

”He spends much of his free time sketching and drawing and states that he really prefers creating pictures by hand. He says: “it might be interesting if art by hand and art digitally could go hand in hand and collaborate!”“
It was an amazing experience going to the opening of the movie!” declares Preston. “I loved visiting LA and the best part of the experience was watching my work on the big screen and meeting my idols and people I adored, including the voice actor for Rio and especially Chris Miller and Phil Lord. Preston was really pleased to meet them: “Phil Lord and Chris Miller are my main inspirations, because of how they always strive to be different and not blend in with the crowd.
”Preston and his family have lived in Milton since 2014. He says: “Milton is kind of a relatively small town and filled with lots of activities to do. My Dad and my Mom are a huge encouragement and they always convince me to keep going. My family went with me to the opening including my Dad, my Mom and my two sisters. It felt amazing to have my work noticed and appreciated by others. I’m glad that I could bring other people joy with my work. “In the future, I want my profession to be a director/animator.”YouTube:
https://www.youtube.com/@legome_theogPreston says: Subscribe so we can get to 300k!
Twitter: LegoMe_TheOG (@FG_Artist) / Twitter

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