The Milton Sports Hall of Fame (MSHoF) celebrated their 2020 inductees at the Milton Sports Centre on October 30th. The MSHoF recognizes and honours the sports accomplishments and contributions of our community while inspiring the youth of Milton. You can find more information about MSHoFand their volunteer-driven organization at

Athlete – Darlene Kranstz
(Martial Arts)

Darlene Kranstz is an 8th-degree black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and she brings over 40 years of experience to her pursuit of martial arts excellence. Following in the footsteps of her father Hanshi Bob Kranstz, who was inducted into the Milton Sports Hall of Fame in 2018, Darlene has carved her own career path that has led her around the world as a high-performance athlete representing Milton.

She has inspired countless kids in Milton, encouraging respect and thoughtfulness in their daily lives. She is a four-time world champion (1988, 1992, 1995 and 1996) and was a North American champion in 1989. Her focus on the junior ranks and youth led the club’s membership to swell to over 200 members.

Builder – Bill Rowney
(Ice Hockey)

Bill Rowney has been involved in minor hockey for over 60 years in Milton. He is recognized as the ultimate hockey volunteer, with an all-encompassing passion and dedication that has manifested itself in many ways. His hockey leadership includes managing the Milton Legion Bantam Hockey Club for nine years. Additionally, Bill has held the position of President of Milton Minor Hockey from 1967-69.

Builders – Martha Gleeson & Pat Gleeson
(Ice Hockey)

Martha Gleeson and Pat Gleeson are known as Milton’s basketball “birth parents”. Long before the NBA came north of the border and before the Raptors became Canada’s sweetheart team, the Gleesons identified a void when it came to basketball in town. There were no instructional programs. There were no leagues. It was high school-level basketball or nothing.

Determined to change the narrative, Martha and Pat started a program involving the local YMCA, before branching out and creating what became known as Monarch Basketball. Through dedication and resolve Martha and Pat’s comprehensive Monarch program offered year-round options, such as: instructional camps, house league competition, summer camps, travel teams and high school coaching.

Athlete – Steve Condren
(Horse Racing)

If you can see it, you can be it. Those words hold true for Milton’s Steve Condren.

Steve moved to town as a sixth-grader and it was a trip to the local Mohawk Racetrack that cemented his love for horse racing as a youngster.

Fast-forward through 30-plus years as one of the most respected and humble drivers in Canadian harness racing history, and it is easy to see why Steve is so beloved by Miltonians as a fixture of Mohawk Racetrack.

Athlete – Travis Gerrits
(Aerial Skiing)

Born and raised in Milton, Travis Gerrits’ sporting journey is one of incredible heights. From local gymnastics to the Olympics in Russia, Travis never forgot his roots.

Travis’s fearless career began to gain momentum in the mid-2000s on the Nor-Am circuit after a series of podium finishes catapulted him into the World Cup. By 2011 his talent put Milton on the map, and Travis was Fédération Internationale de Ski Rookie of the Year. His global career took flight during the spring of 2013. Travis secured two World Cup second place finishes and achieved an impressive World Championship silver in Norway.

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