Dressed in their ceremonial uniforms, the Milton cadets of RCSCC CHAUDIERE and NLCC ADVENTURE led the Battle of the Atlantic Parade at Milton Victoria Park on Sunday May 5th.

As custodians of naval culture and traditions in Milton, the cadets performed a remembrance service for the sailors and aircrew who have fought during the longest naval engagement of World War II.

The Battle of the Atlantic was the largest naval battle of the Second World War – and arguably the most important as it was the critical enabler to victory in Europe. It is also the battle in which the war came to Canada with many ships sunk within sight of our shores, right up to the war’s very end. Canada played the central role in this battle. The casualty rate was one in seven, a higher percentage of total casualties than those suffered by any of Canada’s fighting services You can find more information about both Milton Cadet groups at www.miltonseacadets.com and

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