The’s Islamic Art Exhibition, Discover the Islamic Art Experience, took place from October 18th to November 4th and was milestone event in the cultural tapestry of Milton. This groundbreaking exhibition brings together a remarkable assembly of 25 local Muslim artists, 11 of which are from the heart of Milton itself. Within this exhibition, attendees embark on a captivating journey through the annals of Islamic history, experiencing a rich array of artistic expressions that encompass exquisite paintings, intricate architectural art, eloquent Arabic Calligraphy, and innovative digital and 3D creations.

The opening VIP night took place on October 18th and witnessed an attendance of over 150 guests, including the esteemed Mayor Gord Krantz, who presided as the Chief Guest. His commendation of Raabta’s dedication in orchestrating such a prestigious event resounded throughout the gathering, with the aspiration that this exhibition would become an annual tradition in Milton.

The exhibition’s crowning jewel is a painting by the Canadian artist Nadine Johnson. Her celebrated piece, a representation of the first mosque in Canada, the “AL Rashid Mosque,”. stands as a prominent symbol of Canadian history, offering a beautiful sight to behold.

Visitors can also take home a dedicated magazine, brimming with exhibition-related insights, profiles of all participating artists, and heartfelt appreciation for event sponsors and the dedicated event team, including our volunteers. The Islamic Art Exhibition has received overwhelmingly positive feedback and praise on various social media platforms, cementing its place as a cherished cultural event in Milton’s calenda

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