International women day is celebrated every year on March 8th to recognize the achievement of women’s in social, cultural and political fields.

This year, Famous event organizer and decorator Kanwal Waseem (Admin Fun and Masti Mom) organized an International Women’s day event in Milton

Mayor Gordon Krantz , Regional Councilor Sami Ijaz and Sameera Ali, Councilor Adil Khalqi, community activists Rick Di Lorenzo and Dr.Rabia Azim attended the event.

Several other prominent women in the community attended  Women’s Day event. The event, held at the Galito’s Milton, featured a keynote speech by respected guests. At the event they recognized and presented appreciation certificates and awards to the Entrepreneur ladies from the Regional, Provincial and federal Levels and honored the achievement and hard work of outstanding entrepreneur women in the community.

Kanwal mentioned in her introductory speech that the path to success is not often easy. “Many women continue to face significant barriers including limited resources, mentorship and networking opportunities. Today’s event allows us to celebrate the successes of women in businesses, to share stories of triumph and to learn from each other. Today is a day to celebrate the progress you all have made and to inspire the next  generation. We are fortunate to have so many talented and accomplished women entrepreneur in our community. I hope you take this opportunity to connect with each other, to share your experiences and to collaborate on many new projects and ideas because…Together we can make a difference.” said Kanwal.

Attendees praised the event as a powerful, successful and inspiring celebration and a unique way to encourage and motivate the women in the community.

At  the end Host Kanwal thanked all the guests and participant’s and a delicious dinner was served to all.

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