Hedi Nowak likes to share her love for Art.“Art is healing” she said, “Art has so many healing components whether in the garden or on the wall. Art helps your mind to expand and be challenged. It helps you to recall memories and emotions. There’s a bit of soul in all the art here at the Gallery Upstairs!
Hedi and her family moved to Canada in 1956 from Germany. They owned the Bavarian Inn by the Milton Mall. That became well known for everyday dining and for European delicacies. In 1975 there was land available on Steeles that had belonged to the Harrop family who farmed there. They opened Harrop House July 15th, 1976. The much loved restaurant became a landmark in Milton.


The “Gallery Upstairs” was a special feature at the Harrop House. It was a place where customers could purchase remarkable items. It became a “must visit” destination for artists and those who delighted in unique and beautiful things. Works by celebrated artists such as Robert Bateman and Trisha Romance were frequently available for art connoisseurs. Local artists were encouraged to show their work there also.

Since Hedi moved to her present location at the corner of Mill Street and Bronte Street, she has continuedto display and sell eye-catching, unique and remarkable art.
“I love to share!” she explained, “I have a love for everything artistic because I have 2 left hands! I love to attract people who have unique styles. I like to take care of people’s budget tastes and I have art and treasures costing from $10 to $1000.”
Visitors are welcome to visit her shop and browse or stay and chat with her. The building is nestled in a garden full of quirky stone statues and ornaments in a range of prices and sizes. Hedi is pleased to take visitors on a tour of her place which includes an area where workshops are often offered. She encourages everyone to come and just enjoy a space to sit, think, explore and maybe contemplate some extraordinary creature wrought in stone.
“I offer art on silk, mugs, jewelry, canvas, statues, dream catchers, feathers and more.
”Hedi welcomes new immigrants because she was an immigrant once.
She enjoys helping newcomers find various things, stores, amenities and places in the area.
“I know what it was like when I arrived in Canada and didn’t knowthe language. Harrop was a Gathering Place for visitors and now so is the Gallery Upstairs.
“Sometimes we are forgotten at this end of the town. Often it’s quite quiet here but when the road opens again, we shall be on the throughway that people will travel down to Milton Hospital or into the Downtown area.
“My future plans are still to be here to welcome customers and enliven their walls and gardens.
“The world moves around us. We can only swim upstream. Milton once thought we were immune from all the traffic. If you don’t like it, move on!
”To contact Hedi, her phone number is 905 875 8134.Learn more about The Gallery Upstairs at www.thegalleryupstairs.com


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