On December 27th Halton Hacks. com held the first Halton Region Hackathon at Milton Public Library. This local community led hackathon was planned and organized by local Milton high school students as well as others from Halton Region.

Forty students came to participate most from Milton and Halton. They were greeted with snacks, meals and a place to let their imagination lead them to create their programs. The theme for the Hackathon was gaming which inspired some innovate hacks – one group even created a First-Person Shooter game at the event. The Hackathon also included educational workshops on Python, processing and other topics.

At the end of the day, cash prizes and certificates were awarded to winners in 4 categories.
• Best Beginner
Nirek Shetty & James Cao
• Best Overall Hack
Zane Beeai & Tony Pan
• Best Technical Hack
Ryan Di Lorenzo & Arav Narula
• Best Creative Hack
Kaiyuran Thavaruban, Sourojeet
Adhikari, Daniel Bai & Ivy Huang

The organizers of the Hackathon would also like to thank HackClub.com for their sponsorship as well as Nisanth & Aruyan who led the workshops and University of Toronto student Akram Klai who helped Mentor students and also took part in the judging. Milton Regional Councillor Sammy Ijaz also assisted in printing certificates for the winners.

The organizing team is grateful the event ran well and was happy with the ambition and brightness shown by attendees. They’d like to encourage other students in Halton region to take similar initiatives in creating likeminded events, as it greatly helps foster leadership & character development.

“The event was a huge success, thanks to everyone for showing up, we hope you enjoyed!” said Rishab Nayak one of the organizers.

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