Vistaara Kreations Canada organised Darbar- An evening of Hindustani Classical Music on the 8th of April. The program showcased the rich heritage of Indian Classical Music. This was the first event in the series of events, which are being planned to provide a platform to the artists to promote Music/ dance/ Art and culture.  The events have a sole vision to promote various elements of art and culture, through various performing arts- music/ dance/ theatre etc. and putting up exhibitions and multimedia shows.

The evening saw a mesmerizing performance by Akhil Jobanputra- Hindistani Vocal and he was accompanied on stage by Pankaj Mishra on Sarangi, Rigved Deshpande on Tabla, Sushant Anantharam on Harmonium and Purvi Suresh on Tanpura.

Akhil Jobanputra held the audience spellbound with his renderings of Hindustani vocal music. All together, the artistes enthralled the audience with their performance

The promoters of Vistaara Kreations Canada, Sanjay and Shikha Dhingra have rich experience of conceptualizing and organising such events in India and are now expanding their wings to Canada. The organization aims at giving artists from various cultures a platform to showcase their talent and celebrate various communities who have made Canada their home.

Indian classical music is a rich tradition that originated in South Asia and can now be found in all corners of the world. Its origin dates back to sacred vedic scriptures over 6000 years ago where chants developed a system of musical notes and rythamic cycles. Indian classical music is very closely connected to nature (Prakriti). Taking inspiration from nature, including the seasons and times of the Day to create Ragas – The Musical moods and many timely cycles or Taals. Indian classical music has the power to stir the soul and inspire one and all.

Honorable MPP Parm Gill from Milton and Honorable Mayor Gordon Krantz sent in their congratulatory messages and Oakville Councillor Nav Nanda attended the event in prson with her family

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