The first annual BR Hacks was held this month at Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School in Milton. It was an initiative that was put together by students in collaboration with the school’s administration.

Their aim was to host a one-day event that gave students the chance to experience the creative process involved in product development and showcase their technological abilities, while working towards something that helps either the school, local, or national community. The event also aimed to enhance and facilitate students’ business and computer science skills, as well as general communication and other “soft skills” that show increased importance in the workplace.








The BookHive team of Benjamin, Jarren, Joel and Mitchell came in first place. BookHive is a book sharing platform made to provide access for books in Milton. We strive to make books accessible to everyone regardless of financial limitations. We aim to construct a future where communities of readers are able to flourish and share their love for literature and knowledge. “It is shocking how many kids do not read books due to a lack of accessibility,” said the team.

Dylan Wehrle with his VisionAid – A machine learning camera designed to help the visually impaired came in 2nd place.

“The Hackathon really helped showcase the creativity, talent and teamwork of local students. It was exciting to be there and take part in scoring the different teams.” said BR Hacks judge Rick Di Lorenzo.

Councillor John B. Challinor II attended as Milton Acting Mayor to announce the winners and give the closing remarks to the students. Councillor Challinor has a solid background in technology so was well prepared in talking with the students.


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