Milton has a sizable chinese community and this was well shown at the 2024 MCCA Chinese New Year Gala held in our town tonight.

The Milton Chinese Canadian Association (MCCA) organizes the annual gala to help showcase the diversity and vibrancy of the Chinese community in Milton. With their partnership with the Milton District Hospital Foundation the event holds a special significance as both a cultural celebration as well as support for the Milton community. $13,888 was raised tonight in direct support of our local hospital.

The gala included a Lion Dance performance with Mayor Krantz making a special guest showing as well as multiple groups performing showcasing local Milton talent. With around 400 people in attendance this marks the 15th year MCCA has held a gala in Milton with 2008 being the first one. One of the final artists who performed the last song of the night was Lingdi Hua, a remarkable 88-yearold who used to be a professional dancer at Dalian Song and Dance Ensemble. Due to her own health problems, Ling has required care from Milton District Hospital and their staff since 2017. This is why Lingdi is very passionately involved with hospital donations as she had personal and positive experiences every time she visited Milton District Hospital. As soon as she heard about the Chinese gala’s fundraiser, she immediately volunteered to perform on stage in support

The gala was also significant in that it was the first public appearance of MDHF’s new Executive Director Katie McMillan at a community event. MDHF staff were there the whole night helping with the silent auctions and donations as well as taking part in an end of the night performance.

“As community leaders, our mission is to inspire younger generations by exemplifying positive values. While they embrace the pleasures and conveniences of life in the society, it is crucial for them to take greater social responsibility. Events like these symbolize the spirit of our community, showcasing how we can come together for a common cause. This event has not only raised crucial funds but has also served as a powerful catalyst, bringing our community together in a celebration of compassion and unity” said Erika Ma, Chair of MCCA’s Board.

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