The Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation raised $20,000 for Halton area schools. The money was awarded at a reception on February 8 at Troy’s Diner in Milton. The money was part of the funds raised through the annual Miracle on Main St.

Tiger Jeet Singh Jr, and Tiger Jeet Singh serve as Ambassadors for the Halton Learning Foundation (HLF). “Our role together is to make sure we can help all the kids in Milton,” HLF Executive Director Lesley Mansfield explained. HLF gave the cheques to the schools.

Some schools were pledging to use their money for student wellness. Craig Keilburger Secondary School (CKSS) would like to build an active classroom, where there’s an opportunity for students to move around. “We’re all looking at wellness for our students,” CKSS Vice Principal Rajani RaoPeters said. An active classroom would include elements like standing desks for students, treadmills, or tall stools. “We are so thrilled the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation was able to give us this money,” RaoPeters said.

Milton District High School (MDHS) is also looking at the wellness. They are looking at improving work space for students, and staff. “We are going to be looking at what are some of things in a classroom that we can do to change the environment for students and staff to promote wellness,” Vice Principal Cherie Rudge explained. The money could go to improving flexible seating, or buying equipment for staff, and looking for apps that would help students.

Tiger Jeet Singh Jr. graduated from MDHS. He credits it for helping set him up in life. “It’s just my way of giving back to a learning institution that gave me so much. That helped influence who I am today.” He explained. They have donated to the school before to help refurbish the gym. “They’re in our hearts, always,” he added.

Bruce Trail Public School is going to use their share to provide students a chance for coding. “It’s actually an honour and a privilege to be one of the schools,” Principal Michelle Newlands said. They believe this might help the low math scores. “The children learn a basic coding program, and that enables them to program a robot to do various things,” Newlands explained. The belief is that coding will also teach students problem solving, and critical thinking skills. For more information on the Tiger Jeet Singh foundation visit:
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Photos by: Heath Gaskin

Laura Steiner

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