The Muslim Association of Milton (MAM) held another successful Annual Community Fun Gala on July 14th, 2018 with the purpose to bring the entire Milton community together and raise funds for the Milton District Hospital.

“The goal is to extend our support to the community of Milton and more specifically to the hospital, which is a fundamental need and service for any community,” says Musleh Uddin Muzammil, Member of the Board for the MAM. The Muslim Association of Milton is a not for profit corporation established to serve the Muslim Community in Milton and Surrounding areas.

The 10th Annual Gala opened its door to the entire community giving everyone a chance to attend and enjoy their day. It was a free entry event with a ton of activities for people to take part in such as a Bar-BQue, toy and clothing stalls, face painting and more to raise funds for the hospital. “The funds are usually raised by selling food, cotton candy and this event also provides the chance to new and small business to set up their stalls and sell their products in attempt to help them and help others,” says Iqbal Hussain, Member of the Board for MAM. A cheque of $5,000 was presented to the Milton District Hospital at this year’s event to sponsor the one of many ultrasound rooms which will be named after the Muslim Association of Milton.

“The turn out is great year over year, and we are looking forward to more exciting events in the near future,” says Kashif Syed, Member of the Board for MAM. Ehab Matar, Member of the Board for MAM believes that the turnout this year was phenomenal due to the “political community leadership” which was present from the Federal, Provincial, Regional and local Town Council levels.

“Next year our plan is to arrange MAM BBQ at our new masjid at 4269 Regional Road 25, Oakville. Construction of Masjid is going to start end of August” says Masood Siddiqi, Project manager and Member of the Board for MAM.


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