Did you know that Winnie the Pooh is based on a real bear from Winnipeg? Did you know that the Mall of America is owned by Canadians? Most importantly, did you know that as a country, Canada has the most doughnut shops per capita? Well perhaps that last one is less surprising.

These fun facts were the lighthearted opening to the September 23 TEDx Talk Milton at the FirstOntario Arts Centre Milton. The tidbits were followed by a cartoon animated TED Talk Entitled “Inventory of the Invisible” by Producer and Comedian John Lloyd, in which he describes all of the invisible things we cannot see, and don’t know much about.

First on stage was Satinder Brar, a Registered Psychotherapist with over 15 years’ experience. Her talk focused on the subject of narcissism, “an obsession with one’s physical appearance and public perception.” After relating the history of the Greek God Narcissist, Brar described the scale of narcissism, in which those at the lower end have no need to feel special, and those at the opposite end of the spectrum blatantly scramble for attention.

Katie Brant is a Canada Wide Science Fair finalist, and her TEDx Talk covered the wide world of Science Fairs and contestants. The fairs, which she noted extend far beyond the crafting of baking soda and vinegar volcanos, have produced a number of notable winners and projects. In example, secondary school student Jack Mogus’ project resulted in a surgical glove material which is puncture proof, antibacterial, and reusable.

Realtor Shae Individuata presented a sobering discussion on the frightening world of human trafficking. Though most people assume it is abolished, Shae showed attendees how there are “more TedX – What you don’t know By Kaitlyn Patience Photographs by Giles VanderHolt people in the human slavery trade today, than ever before in history.” This unfortunately lucrative 32-billion-dollar industry has resulted in people considered “the world’s 29 million darkest secrets.”

With both breakfast and lunch provided as part of the half day event, three more speakers presented talks throughout the day including Stacy-Ann Buchanan, Alex Delorey, and Daniéle Cybulskie.

This TEDx event is the 3rd in a series presented in Milton since 2013. Organized by a team led by Carol Duvall, this instalment came together in just under six months of planning – including speaker invitations, vetting, voting, technical planning and marketing. Creative Director Giles vanderHolt says, “This year was a complete success with people thoroughly enjoying the event. So much so, that we have received requests from people wanting to speak at next year’s event, and from others wanting to volunteer.”
Photos by: Giles VanderHolt

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