One thing many don’t consider when donating to a foodbank are feminine hygiene products. They are among the most requested, but least stocked. Tampon Tuesday seeks to change this. The movement started in 2009 in Southwestern Ontario, and officially made its way to Milton Mall on Tuesday, October 8th, 2019.

The concept is a free networking night for business women at a local establishment.All they have to do is bring a package of feminine hygiene products to donate to a local foodbank. The Milton event took over the unit formerly occupied by Hallmark cards inside the mall (near Lowes). The unit was transformed into a lounge, equipped with comfortable seating and refreshments for guests to enjoy.

Businesses within the mall like Kevin’s Hamburgers, Koozina, Cora’s and Spring Mist Spa donated their time, services and products to the cause.

The initiative was started by Bell Media employee Mandi Fields in London Ontario. “It renews your trust in humanity that we all have it to give if we want to do it,” Fields said. Glass shelves and tables were lined with feminine hygiene products. “If you think about it as a gritty topic like women in poverty having their periods, but how everyone is so happy about what they’re doing,” Fields said. The London event is still ongoing. Receiving the donations was the local Salvation Army. Captain Ruth Hickman believes that the reason they aren’t requested is that women are often providing for others. “A lot of women who use our services; their instinct is to make sure their children have enough food,” Hickman said. The foodbank is offered in Milton out of offices on Nipissing Rd. “We are so honoured to receive this product, and give it to women, so that feminine hygiene is no longer an issue,” she added.

Marketing Coordinator Bianca Colangelo, and General Manager Christi-ann Litavski spearheaded efforts to bring the initiative to the mall. “We wanted to do something to reconnect the mall back to the community,” Litavski said. Milton Mall is known as a community mall. “It’s our logo, and we take it to heart,” Litavski added.

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