Samina Amin brings her passion for art to everything she does, including her job as a relator. It helps her in advising clients while staging a house. “When I go, I can tell people what to use; how to present a house,” she said. She likes to bring bright colours into décor through the use of paintings, and pictures.

Samina holds a Masters in Mass Communications. She’s always wanted a Fine Arts degree, and is currently enrolled in the Fine Arts program at Sheridan. She’s from Pakistan, and loves to express her culture through art. One way is to introduce truck art, where drivers would paint messages on their trucks using bright colours.

Amin has been working with a designer over the last four months to create a wrap for a Jeep wrangler. She chose elements that reminded her of her beloved hometown of Lahore Pakistan. A peacock with bright colours, a couple of flowers and a message written in Urdu as a tribute that says “Lahore, Lahore, no comparison to Lahore.” “It’s part of me,” she says of the art, and need to express herself.

Samina Amin has been in Milton for 19 years. “I feel at home,” she said of the community. She brings her passion to everything she does. “Whatever the project, I go all the way,” Watch for the Wrangler on the road soon. To learn more about Samina Amin visit her website:

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