The spirit of generosity was on display as the Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP) Milton riding held its second annual toy drive led by the NDP youth. The event was held at the Milton Sports Centre December 16, 2017. The fundraiser was in support of the Halton Women’s Place.

They started gathering toys around two months before. The donations were piled high on a table ready to welcome more. High School students Zuhayr Syed and Hamza Ahmed help were there helping out getting the room ready. The pair’s motivation came from the need to help others. “We’re so fortunate to have anything we want, and anything we need. Most kids; they aren’t as fortunate as us, and we just want to help with giving them what they want, not just what they need,” Syed said.

It isn’t only the fact they need 40 hours’ community service for their graduation. “We wanted to do something we were passionate about,” Syed explained. They worked with four others: Humza, Zuhayr, Minahil and Areej to collect toys. First they asked around about who could donate and then went from there. The result was a table full of toys, and more arriving throughout the two-hour event. “It did take a little bit of time to get a few toys, but it still worked out in the end,” Ahmed said. Some people took donations directly to the shelter.

Ahmed sees youth as the future adults. “If you’re constantly on your technology all the time, then you can’t be involved in your community. You have to be involved with what your family does. Ahmed said. “They should know what’s going on around them, so they can be involved as much as possible,” Syed added.

The Halton Women’s Place operates two 24 hour crisis hotlines, and two residential shelters. They have an extensive needs list posted on their website at:

Laura Steiner

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