The Rohingya are a Muslim minority group indigenous to the Rakhine state of Myanmar. They have suffered persecution since 1982, when the state stripped them of their citizenship. Rohingya militants attacked Myanmar government security forces in August of this year. The military retaliated with the resulting hostilities causing as many as 146,000 to flee to neighbouring Bangladesh according to the United Nations (U.N.).

Burma Task Force Canada held a rally in Milton on September 10, 2017 to bring awareness to the issues.  “The regime is against the people,” organizer Maliha Ahmed said.   A group of Milton residents gathered at the Milton Sports Centre to raise awareness to their plight. Some carried signs reading “We are One, and We are all Rohingya now.”

The U.N. has also declared the Rohingya “the world’s most persecuted minority.”  “I think the world is now a global village.  We did the same in the Holocaust.  Everyone turned a blind eye to the biggest massacre in history.  If we keep doing that, then little by little, these mad murderers are going to do the same,” Ahmed said.

The surrounding countries aren’t accepting refugees because of resources.  “They think it’s going to be more burden on them,” Farina Siddiqui said.  Besides awareness, they are doing some fundraising too.  For more information on Burma visit their Facebook Page at:

Photos by: Rick Di Lorenzo

Laura Steiner

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