The EOSCL-Event Ontario Softball Cricket League held their Championship event recently and you could feel the high energy all around. Whether the teams took first place or not the support and encouragement of each other was obvious. As in in soccer, and other sports, Cricket has two levels. The Premier teams and the Division teams.

This year Team Cluett won the Premier group of EOSCL and Team Burlington won the inter city championship of EOSCL and the team trophies and individual awards were presented. EOSCL began it’s first season in 2016 by Naeem Khiyani. In the first year there were eight teams consisting of 16 players each for a total of 90 members and today there are seventeen teams consisting of sixteen players for a total of 350 members needless to say the club has grown significantly in only 4 years.

The mens league play outdoors spring and summer and a junior cricket league that play in the winter months. These leagues are open to anyone in the community. EOSCL Started their inter city championship which includes Milton, Guelph, Burlington and Oakville. Sherwood District Park (6125 Main Street) in Milton is the primary location where they play and on occasion play at Optimist Park (841 Savoline Boulevard) By Denise Cooperwhite Milton hosts Divison Winng Team – Team Lions Club and are planning to move to the other cities to play as part of their inter city competitions. For more information you can visit their Facebook page at EOSCL-Event Ontario Softball Cricket League or E-mail:

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