Milton District Hospital Foundation (MDHF) honoured its community partners on February 6 with a reception. Community partners refer to people, and organizations that have helped the foundation raise funds for space, training and equipment and the newly upgraded Milton District Hospital.
Ceremonies kicked off with speeches from MDHF Board Chair Brian Penman, and Executive Director Helen Vatistas. “Who would have ever thought you could ask a community to raise and participate in a $30 million dollar campaign and succeed. Part of the reason we succeeded is because of the folks in this very room.” Penman said. “So on behalf of the hospital and the foundation it’s a pleasure to say thank You, thank You, thank You” Penman added.

Highlighted at the event was the many groups of young Miltonians that took part in the “Little Leaders” program helping raise money from lemonade stands to birthday parties where they asked for hospital donations instead of gifts.
Mayor Gord Krantz was in attendance to help bring thanks from the Town of Milton as MDHF presented each group with a certificate of appreciation in recognition of their 2019 Community Partner event.

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