On Sunday, January 27th Hum-We held a thank you luncheon for volunteers and contributors to their cause.

Hum-WE is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to providing resources and support for women in the community. They are committed to raising awareness within the South Asian community about the incidence rate and severity of domestic abuse, mental illnesses, and the associated health-risk factors. They strive to spread awareness as there is strength in both knowledge and numbers and they work to bring hope and bring positive change for women around the world.

Hum-We was established two years ago by Sadia Khalid, Orooba Siddiqui and Khushnigar Saiyed.   It has held several workshops and seminars to create awareness about domestic abuse and has provided participants with guidance and assistance.   Their efforts are geared towards bringing awareness to the South Asian community and to help provide information about the Canadian legal system.   Unfortunately they continue to come across many incidents involving domestic and physical violence often resulting from a patriarchal cultural mind set.   They use all available forums to help bring about positive change including their TV show “WE-Connect” which is hosted on Toronto 360 channel for the South Asian community.

In addition they provide support to several people from assistance to shelter life all the way to renting a place where they can live in peace.   They have helped connect people to available resources such as Halton Women’s Place and Victim Services of Peel.   Hum-WE can also provide counselling where possible at no cost.

Last year they held a Mothers Day luncheon to recognize single Moms who survived domestic abuse and showed strong resolve to overcome adversity.  They are currently planning a fundraising dinner to help raise money for victims of acid attacks.

To learn more about Hum-WE and how you can help please visit their website at www.hum-we.ca or their facebook page at www.facebook.com/humwemilton/

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