Monday July 1, 2019 marked Canada’s 152nd Birthday. Celebrations started June 30, when the Halton Gujarati Seniors’ Samaj (HGSS) hosted its party at the Lions’ Club Hall.

The event started with dignitaries led by Mayor Gord Krantz being led their table by Latin dancers. The audience settled into an afternoon-long program that echoed Canada’s multiculturalism. Performances included the Chinese Arts Society from both Milton, and Mississauga, as well as an Elvis impersonator.

The highlight was a children’s performance, where youth organized themselves up in a classroom setting. One was up as
the teacher asking her students different questions about Canada Day such as why it’s celebrated July 1, and what Canada means to them. Some talked about multiculturalism, and what “We thought it was important for everyone to know how important Canada is to each of us,” Bidhi said. They practiced the skit three times before their performance.

Riya reflected on the liberty enjoyed in Canada. “There are some countries where people don’t get this kind of freedom,” she said. Rajin Patel took the chance to reflect on his experience as an immigrant. “That (India) was the country of our birth, this is our country now,” Patel explained. As all good birthday parties do, the afternoon ended with food, which included a birthday cake for Canada.

It’s easy to take this country for granted. Watching the program was a reminder of how much Canada has given the world, and how much the world has given Canada. For more information visit the group’s website at:


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