Walter Gretzky celebrated his 80th birthday October 8. Gretzky’s family and friends gathered at the Grand Chalet in Milton October 5 to celebrate with a dinner. The party was hosted by Mark Curtis, and guests included Troy Newton, and Mayor Gord Krantz. The party featured a special appearance by Sneezy the Clown.

Mayor Krantz awarded Gretzky with a proclamation extending the best wishes of the council, and citizens. Gretzky has been a fixture at community events in Milton including Miracle on Main and at the Walk of Fame celebrations. He gives an autograph to anyone who asks, and is always willing to have his picture taken with them even at his birthday party. I held the door for one family on their way out from celebrating a 95th birthday. An adult son told about having met Walter, and got his autograph before showing his photo on his phone.
Photos by: Denise Cooperwhite


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