On May 2nd, the Milton Youth Advisory Committee held its fifth annual Milton Youth Awards Ceremony, celebrating the achievements, strengths, and talents that our Milton youth represent. The Milton Youth Awards are held every year to recognize and appreciate the dedication and talent our youth possess, along with a note of acknowledgement for all the support and their mentors.

The Youth Advisory Committee’s Co-chairs, Bilal Ahmed and Aparna Karthikeyah, along with the rest of the committee, successfully hosted the event with the help of the members of Town Council and their sponsors. Stunning By Birra Ahmed live musical entertainment this year was provided by students Kevin Meng, Alexander Balan, Richard Zhu, and Tony Fu.

This year, MYAC presented four award categories at the awards night. Among the many noteworthy nominees, Ebenezer United Church received the Champion for the Youth Awards, Karyssa Chan was presented with the Community Leadership Award, Sudu Kapar took home the Painting a Path Award, and Maria Henein was awarded the Spirit of Sport Award.

The night included a guest talk by Kelly Scanlan, a member of the Milton Fire June 2018 | Milton Villager | 11 Department, who gave an inspiring talk about the importance of overcoming obstacles and exploring new possibilities in life after experiencing challenges setbacks at a very young age. The evening concluded with closing remarks by the Milton Youth Advisory Committee’s Town Counsellor member.

The event proved to be a great success, showcasing yet again the profound level of talent and dedication that our youth carry.

“I hope that the youth awards will continue to be a source of inspiration and encouragement, as well as a medium where the youth of Milton can celebrate their contributions to the community. After all, that’s what MYAC is all about!”  Bilal, MYAC Co-Chair

“it’s always incredible to see so much leadership within the youth of Milton, and it’s just as important to make sure we recognize and commemorate their accomplishments.” Aparna, MYAC Co-Chair

“It’s a wonderful opportunity in the community to recognize and empower youth” Nihal, MYAC member


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