Hazoor Elahi came to Canada in the 1960’s from Pakistan. He became a father to three sons who are now all doctors in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). “I think when you are blessed, you have an obligation to give back,” Hazoor said. Each son has donated $25,000 to the Muslim Legacy Initiative.

The family of doctors was honoured for their contributions at dinner in Rabiya and Azim’s home. Doctors Mahmood Elahi, and Sofia Elahi are husband, and wife. They run a family practice. “As healthcare professional ourselves, we feel it’s important to give back to the system,” Mahmood said. He works with the Red Cross on their disaster relief team deploying overseas. “Developing countries do not have the same level of care, as we do,” he said. He used to work in the Emergency Room at Milton Hospital.

Mehboob Elahi and his wife Saadia Elahi have their practice in North York. He credits Rabiya and Azim with getting them involved. “Azim and Rabiya told us about all the fundraising you’re doing for the Milton District Hospital Expansion. They just sold us on the idea,” he said. It was something he wanted to take part in. “As a family we decided it was important to support healthcare facilities,” he explained. Him, and his brothers were educated here, and are motivated to give back. “When we got this opportunity to contribute in such a way, it was a no-brainer,” his wife Saadia Elahi added. Why Milton? “We believe in Milton,” Mehboob said.

Third son, Dr. Omar Elahi, couldn’t make it to the dinner but also took part in the generous donation. Ontario MPs Iqra Khalid and Salma Zahid also attended the dinner to encourage the community to help support Milton District Hospital as well the families daughter, Dr. Ayesha Elahi who attended in support of her brothers donation.

Muslim Legacy initiative is a project started by Dr. Rabiya Azim and Azim Rizvee to help fundraise for Milton District Hospital Foundation (MDHF). The Hospital has undergone a 330,000 sq.ft. expansion including an enlarged emergency room, maternity ward, and more patient beds. MDHF is responsible for the fundraising for the cost of medical equipment. The initiative’s goal is to raise $1 million. For more information please visit www.mdhf.ca
Photos by: Denise Cooperwhite

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