Cindy Lunau is now the Honorary Mayor of Campbellville. She was awarded this honour and was passed the chain of office from previous Honorary Mayors: Bridget and Shaun Saunier.

“I get to ride in the combine at the Santa Claus parade!” Cindy exclaimed cheerily. She surveyed the massive crowd that gathered at the Mohawk Inn to pay tribute to all that she means to them and to show their appreciation for her as she retires from the Milton Council. “I have a story about everyone here” she said “but not every story can be repeated!”

In her re-election leaflet, Cindy said: ‘My passion is working with people and organisations in this community- a Place of Possibility! I am Your Voice connecting you with these possibilities.’

Previously she was known as the ‘only stripper on the Milton Council,’ because of her successful family business of restoring old furniture.

Liz Lambrick emphasised that : “She is actively involved….She is out there in the trenches working for the betterment of her community: Whether its advocating for transit service in the rural area or pushing for better internet coverage… or sitting on the Brookville School Council for over 25 years …or …working with various activist groups to stop local quarries from encroaching on our farm  lands  and roads …or….working on Saturday mornings to clean up at the Milton Farmers’ Market….or advocating fundraising for the local hospital…. Let’s just say Cindy has had her influence on and her finger in most things that have affected Campbellville and Nassagaweya for over a quarter of a century!”

Past councillor Wendy Schau recalled how she had served on Milton Council with Cindy for 7 years: “It was an honour and a pleasure. People often mistake us for each other, but I never really minded being mistaken for Cindy! Cindy does have a bad memory for people’s names and she sometimes tends to be late for appointments.  I was always impressed how she always fought for Nassagaweya…. She was always very concerned about the wellbeing of all the people of Milton too. ….Cindy! I know you’ll never really retire!”

“Nobody knows her better than me,” said Mayor Gordon Krantz “I’ve known her for 21 years! We’ve always been on the same page. There are so many people here tonight which shows how respected you are.  Thanks for the 21 years in Public Life. You have made a difference for all Miltonians. Further to Wendy’s comment on Cindy often being late- you can always count on her being there…”

Donna Danielli said that she owes so much to Cindy. They worked together on the board for MCRC and Cindy is the one who first suggested Donna run for trustee. “She has been a friend and a mentor to me ever since and I am so lucky to have had her friendship and support.”

Many citizens of Campbellville and Milton are grateful to Cindy for leading so many worthwhile projects over the years. Joe Yaworski  is thankful “for the encouragement to start the Adopt A Road Programme in Milton 20years ago. This has grown a lot since then.”

Several members of the Milton Fine  Arts Society attended the special event.  One artist, Allycia Uccello said “Cindy has been a force for this whole area. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for a number of years and she has been of immense help and support to the Arts and Culture of Campbellville and Milton.”

A special presentation was made to Cindy by FASM members: Nancy Cuttle and Ursula Mcdermid. A wire sculpture created by Nancy was given to Cindy who is a fervent fan of the local sculptor’s artwork.

“Cindy was one of the earliest supporters of the Milton Centre for the Arts and a supporter of all the volunteers there.” said Nancy.

“Cindy was the impetus for the creation of the FASM mural in the hospital.” said past FASM President, Ursula, who suggested that the mural should be dedicated to Cindy. At this, there was great applause.

Then Cindy, always ready to support local artists, quickly mentioned the FASM art show that is in the Holcim Gallery until January.

Also present was the talented Tina Newlove whose design was used for the hospital mural: “Cindy has always been an amazing supporter of the Arts and our community.” she said “Much love, respect and thanks.”

Heather Gerrits recalled how Cindy has been a huge supporter of  their family in Nassagaweya:

“She is likely Travis’ biggest fan and was one of the kind friends that created the ‘Share a Dream’ committee raising funds for Trav’s training, competitions and getting his family to Sochi, Russia to watch Travis compete in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. She was an integral part of arranging the Musical Ride and having Travis honoured by the RCMP. Thank you Cindy for your kindness, love and support in all that we have done.”

After the celebration, local reporter Laura Steiner added: “That was a very Milton night”.


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