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The Rad Brothers

“You can always count to see a familiar face when you come to Rads.” Janet Rodojcic, wife of one of the Rad Brothers comments.

It’s kind of like being on the set of “Cheers,” everyone knows each other and can count on Rads to always find someone at anytime of the day.

LaRose Bakery 35 Years

The smell of freshly baked bread, vibrantly decorated cakes with icing that begs to be touched, and customers busy selecting deli meats while catching up with neighbours waiting in line. This is a small slice of what La Rose bakery happily serves up on a daily basis.  This bakery, which is so much more than just a bakery, has been a staple in the town of Milton since 1982.  This year they are celebrating 35 years of memories and there are no plans to stop.