November 14, 2019


Halton Gujarati Samaj

Members of Milton’s Hindu Community gathered at the Milton Lions Club Hall to mark the annual nine day festival of Navaratri. Halton Gurjati Samaj hosted the ninth annual Garba Ni Raat on September 27. The festival is celebrated for nine days across India. It marks the passing of the seasons from summer to autumn. It is associated with a battle of good over evil.

BarkFest who let the dogs out.?

Sometimes it only takes one person with an idea and ta..ta… it happens. Susan Capone (Event coordinator) decided it would be a great idea to host a community event including dogs since she is a dog lover herself and owns a rescue German Shepherd named Brady who is about 6 years of age. With her idea and some advertising on social media the word got out pretty fast and many came out to BarkFest bringing their dogs with them.